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Windshields 24/7Windshields 24/7 - Windshields for a range of vehicles and windshield accessories. Some includes: motorcycle windshields for a range of bikes, windshield replacement info, boat windshields, wipers and Memphis Shades windshields.

Windshield installation is often a high concern of most drivers when their windshield is damaged, being such an important aspect of a vehicle the installations needs to be done properly.

Auto windshield installation (Click to enlarge)
Auto Windshield Installation

When installing a new windshield into a vehicle it is important that the installation is performed with all safety aspects in mind, because the windshield is one of the most important safety features of any vehicle there are many different companies who are qualified in this field of work who are able to supply and complete a windshield installation properly.

The windshield is not only a window in the vehicle it has many more important attributes. Improper installation, poor quality glass or the wrong adhesive could cause serious problems. The windshield positions the passenger side airbag. If your windshield becomes dislodged because if was improperly installed, the airbag cannot protect the passenger as it should. The windshield is also integral to the structural integrity of the roof.

Urethane, the black rubber-like substance you see around a windshield, is also part of the overall structure of your car. It must be strong enough to hold the windshield to the surrounding body. Its strength increases as the new urethane cures and reaches the adequate strength after several hours, depending on the product used.

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Safety of Windshield Replacement - Windshield safety checklist and advice.

Blue Ridge Autoglass - Windshield and Auto Glass Replacement and Repair.

Welcome to Windshield Guy - Windshield installation, repair and replacement.

When installing a new windshield, many people prefer to have it installed professionally, either by a mechanic or a windshield installation specialist. Alternatively there are people who prefer to install the windshield themselves, either for their own vehicle such as a classic restoration or their "on the road" vehicle.

To help with this there are websites and other resources which allow individuals to get advice and tips on how to install their own windshield.

Some examples of these could be Auto Body Tool Mart or Auto Risk.

Some companies who specialise in windshield repair and installation are listed below:

Blue Ridge Auto Glass Windshield Installation

Company description
"Our same day service, cold weather installations, and mobile repair and replacements will get you on your way as quickly as it is safe for you to drive."
Blue Ridge Auto Glass

Windshield Guy Windshield Installation and Repair

Company description
"When a windshield is beyond repair the Windshield Guy can also replace your windshield at some of the lowest rates found anywhere, even the Internet."
Windshield Guy

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