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Boat windshields help to minimise the amount of water spray, wind, insects and debris that comes the captain's way. Boat windshields help to add style with practicality to any type of water craft.

Boat windshield (Click to enlarge)
Boat Windshield

The windshield of a boat is one of the most important parts when considering its uses, the boat windshields are designed to withstand heavy weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow, whilst remaining extremely water resistant.

Boat windshields come in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes and styles, some are small "cabin hole" style windows where as others are wide, high visibility windshields.

Some companies specialise in the design and construction of boat windshields, many different types of boat windows and windshields can be purchased from these companies.


Company description:
"Iboats offers an extremely large selection of e-commerce purchasing opportunities consisting of tens of thousands of boating accessories and engine parts, thousands of non-current new and slightly used boat motors with warranties."


Company description:
"As a leading supplier to the marine industry for over 40 years, our custom made doors, hatches, cabinets, and windscreens are used by many of the country's leading boat manufacturers."

The style of boat windshields varies depending on the model of boat. If the boat is designed to be a high power speed boat, the windshield may be exposed at the top and sides, where as with a luxury yacht or fishing boat the windshield may be enclosed at all sides to prevent interference to the boat controls or the captain of the boat.

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Iboats - Thousands of boats for sale, boat parts, windshields and accessories, buy online US shipping.

Spartech Marine - Marine accessories and parts for watercraft, contact company for prices and shipping.

Plexiglass windshield
Plexiglass Windshield

Marine Mooring Plexiglass Boat Windshield

Length: 16" / Height: 12" / Width: 3"
Strong, 3/16" Plexiglass windshields adds a custom look to watercraft. Designed with smooth, professionally finished edges and bronze tinted to reduce glare.
Includes hardware kit for mounting.
Color: bronze tinted.

Price: $77.59

Large plexiglass windshield
Large Plexiglass Windshield

Marine Mooring Large Plexiglass Boat Windshield

Product description
Length: 20" / Height: 14" / Width: 8"
Strong, flexible 3/16" Plexiglass windshields adds a custom look to watercraft. Designed with smooth, professionally finished edges, bronze tint which helps with glare reduction.
Includes hardware kit for mounting.

Price: $85.30

Available from Shoot n Hunt.

Boat windshields are specifically designed to aid the airflow of the boat, aerodynamics are very important for high performance boats such as racing speed boats so the windshield should flow correctly.

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